Thursday May 2nd 2019

9 AM to 4 PM, BC Building, EPFL

The CLIC is proud to introduce the 1st edition of IC Boost Day, a day dedicated to your career in Computer Science! Take part in mock interviews, meet EPFL alumni and join various talks and panels! A unique opportunity to prepare your professional future in the world of computer science and engineering.

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Mock Interviews

One of our key highlights: throughout the day, you will have the opportunity to take part in mock interviews, tailored for IC students. Recruiters from various companies such as Google and Swisscom will run simulated group interviews, at the end of which you will receive a feedback detailing your strengths and weaknesses. This unique experience will allow you to build confidence for your next real world interview.

Midday Lunch

From 12:00 to 13:30, take part in an informal lunch with 25 alumni (cost of lunch is 10 CHF). You will have the opportunity to ask any question to former students now working in the industry. This will be a standing lunch so that you can walk around and meet as many people as you wish.


How to prepare for a coding interview

Coding interviews are not an easy task and can be intimidating at first. This talk, by Damien Engels (former CLIC member now working at Google), will tell you all you need to know about them: how to prepare, how to approach them, and the best techniques for your success.


How to make the most out of an internship

During your Master studies, you are required to take an internship in the industry. Many IC students also chose to do their Master thesis during this internship. Guillermo Barrenetxea Kobas, recruiter at Swisscom, will explain what behaviour to adopt during your internship, how to expand your network and how to make the most out of your experience.


How to network

Julien Perrochet has spent several months overseas to meet partners of our faculty to renew ties for possible internships. During this time he met many companies and convinced them to hire EPFL IC students. He will tell us his story and explain how networking is made in an ever more competitive market.


What happens after a PhD

Obtaining a Master's degree will open many doors; one of which is completing a PhD. But many rumours run about this title: too skilled therefore unemployable? The best profile in town? Or a guaranteed career in academia? We will host two points of view: Mohamed Kafsi has completed his PhD and started working in the industry, while Prof. Grossglauser preferred staying in academia. Are you interested in a PhD? You shouldn't miss this discussion!


Women's place in IT industry

A hurtful stereotype about our field is that it is a sexist environment. Sadly, we are far from having an equal proportion of men and women, even though the latter are just as capable. This panel will host Amina Chebira, a CS graduate who is now working in the industry. Come and listen to her story, the problems she faced and how she solved them.