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What is CLIC ?

CLIC came into being in 2011, when the IC faculty was facing difficulties it couldn't solve on its own. With the help of the delegates, who had to go beyond their role, the CDIC was born. It soon became the CLIC (because it's classier). The association was mainly made of delegates, and worked in close collaboration with the coaching. The faculty, delighted with this collaboration, provided us with an office close to the administration for rapid communication. This was INN132, where we are still based.

As the problems were solved, it was time to think about the fun. A faculty dinner, a field trip, a bar at Balélec (BarIC), and other fun stuff were on the agenda. Then the years passed, and the events multiplied : December mulled wine, free breakfasts, faculty clothing sales, video game evenings and much more.

Then, like LudIC or LauzHack, events became commissions, then became big enough to stand on their own two feet, and were transformed into fully-fledged associations.

Today, CLIC has grown, but has not lost sight of its original mission: to bring the faculty to life with free or low-cost events, and to ensure that the monotony of classes and exams is regularly broken. In recent years, we have also tried to offer more serious content such as conferences, talks and contacts with industry, as these are also needs of IC faculty students.