Game* (read "Game Star") is an association committee of the CLIC that aims to promote the many aspects of video gaming on the UNIL-EPFL campus, particularly its academic and cross-disciplinary aspects.

What do we do?


Inform anyone interested in video game-related activities on the UNIL-EPFL campus.


Organize events and activities on and around the UNIL-EPFL campus.


Bring together the various video game players in the Lausanne region and Switzerland in general.

And concretely?


Video games, like film, are a field of study in their own right. Our aim is to introduce students to the many research questions associated with video games, as well as the societal issues involved.

Games on Campus, 2020-2021

*Image: Games on Campus (2020-2021), a series of online conferences with campus video game players!


The transversality of video games needs to be introduced to the general public, by offering diversified and accessible presentations, workshops and conferences.

Jeux Olympiques de la Jeunesse, 2020

*Image: Youth Olympic Games (2020), Exhibition Photographs of the digital world!


Historically, video games have been, and still are, about competitiveness. We're proud to keep this tradition alive, by showcasing achievements in this medium.

Game* Speedrun Fest, 2020

Image: Game* Speedrun Fest (2020), with world record holder The Legend of Zelda:The Wind Waker Any%!!


We make equipment and resources available to students who want to try their hand at streaming. The results are surprising and refreshingly original.

Potato* avec Aartza, 2020

Image: Potato* (2020), with Aartza on our Twitch channel!


New experiences around games and video games represent a stimulating technological and artistic challenge. We want to show that it's possible to do without a controller or keyboard and enjoy a transcendent experience.

Cyclocommandeur, 2020

*Image: Cyclocommandeur (2020), a bicycle used as a controller in a racing game!


Quelques uns de nos bénévoles en team building, 2020

Game* works essentially on a project basis. There is no strict hierarchy within the Commission, but one or more people are responsible for one or more projects, with exchanges as horizontal as possible. Projects are run more or less independently, and the people in charge have "full power" over decisions concerning their respective project(s).

At the organizational level, there are "Committees" and "Teammates". The difference between the two will be that a Committee is expected to follow up on projects throughout the year, attend meetings regularly, and make decisions from a slightly more "meta" (= high-level) point of view concerning the Commission, whereas Teammates are more attached to one or more one-off projects during the year.

We aim to reach as many people as possible on the UNIL-EPFL campus, so our volunteers are members of both communities - and beyond. Don't hesitate to join us!

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