Sponsoring the CLIC

During the academic year, the CLIC organizes events such as breakfasts, hackathons and faculty dinners for the Computer Science and Communication Systems students.

Once per year, the faculty dinner brings together over 300 students, professors and faculty staff.

Faculty dinner Our sponsor, AdNovum

These events are for the most part free or reduced price for students, thanks to our sponsors.

We’re always looking for new sponsors, both for existing events and for new ideas that we come up with!

To learn more or to suggest something, please contact our sponsoring manager.

Breakfast from Fall 2016 A horde of hungry students!

LauzHack, open to all of Europe

Apart from the events that only concern IC students, the CLIC organizes LauzHack, a hackathon whose first edition took place during November 2016.

200 participants, half of which were from EPFL (mostly from Computer Science and Communication Systems, but also Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics…), and half from Europe (Germany, Spain, the UK, Romania…).

For this first edition, over 14 companies sponsored us which allowed us to make an awesome event!

LauzHack and our sponsors

If you wish to sponsor the next edition, please visit LauzHack.com.

We are at your service, just send us a mail at sponsoring@lauzhack.com.