The CLIC is the Computer Science & Communication Systems students’ association. Its goal is to organize events for the faculty:

  • A faculty dinner in the fall semester, which brings together students, professors, and staff around a meal with quizzes and games;
  • one free breakfast per semester, along with a mulled wine distribution in the fall semester;
  • LauzHack, a big hackathon at EPFL :;
  • the BarIC during Baléléc;
  • the BurgerIC stand during Vivapoly.

But that’s not all! The association is also here to help and motivate IC students. You can ask us questions about classes, life in Lausanne, activities at EPFL, and so on. If we can’t help you, we can always point you towards someone who can!

Feel free to come see us in INN 132 if you have questions or suggestions.


The CLIC, just like every heroic adventure, was born during dark times. The faculty encountered unsolvable problems, and needed the delegates’ help more than ever. Thus they met, and started working.

These delegates then got hold of an office right next to the faculty staff, to avoid future problems. They still work from that office.

After it was created, this commission started organizing the faculty dinner, the study trips… Then the fun started. A merry band of students decided to target the elephant in the room: Balélec. Thus BarIC was born.

(all of the legal stuff is in French, sorry!)


General Assemblies minutes: