Faculty dinner

Photo souper de faculté

Want a good meal with a great atmosphere for only 10 francs?

Get the 3rd year Bachelor students working so they deserve their study trip, and have a great evening while you’re at it!

The faculty dinner happens once a year, during the fall semester.


Photo Petit-déjeuner

Did you stay up all night? Or did you not have enough time for breakfast in bed?

Once per semester, the CLIC gives you a free breakfast in the INM hall to drink coffee and eat croissants with your friends.

Mulled wine

Photo Vin chaud

Need to warm up during the Swiss winter, which is literally as cold as Siberia?

In the beginning of December, your student association gives you free mulled wine (or tea if you prefer that), to help you survive the fall semester and prevent you from freezing solid.


Photo BarIC

Do you urgently need beer or cocktails during Balélec? (which, given the place, is more about gluttony than need, but…)

The CLIC and its awesome staffs will sell you all kinds of drinks, with or without alcohol.


Photo Vivapoly

Tired of seeing the 3rd year Bachelor students? No worries, you can come buy their burgers, and allow IC-Travel to send them far away for a couple of weeks during the summer holidays!


Photo LauzHack

LauzHack is a hackathon organized at EPFL; during its first edition in 2016, 200 students from EPFL, Switzerland and Europe came together to build amazing projects in a weekend.

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